How students can make money online to support themselves

Students can make money online while in school. Making money online seems to be the most easiest and less stressful way to make money as students.

Students who don\’t have fully funded scholarships and don\’t have rich sponsors may need to make their own money while in school to support their sponsors. 

Even students whose sponsors are well to do but love making money for themselves need to do so online; as their are thousand and one way students can make money online.

In this article, we will present different proven ways students can make money online, which wouldn\’t affect their academic performance.

Why students should make money

There are several reasons students need to make their own money. One of the reasons is because everyone needs to make their own money. The earlier a child learns the act of making money, the better.

The truth is this, virtually everything we do is geared towards making money. So, learning the act of making money should be done early enough.

Secondly, students need to support their sponsors in doing one thing or the other with regards to their academics. You may argue this but this is what we feel should happen, especially when the students are from humble backgrounds.

If studies don\’t convert the time they spend online to making money, then they will use the same time in doing things that are not productive. This may include playing video games, watching movies, chatting with their peers and strangers, among others. As a parent or student, wouldn\’t it be better to use your time in doing things that matter most here on earth? I\’d leave you to answer that question.

But then, whether you agree with us or not, money matters the most here on earth. Every of man\’s activities is one way or another related to making money. If true, why not do so as a student?

How students can make money online

Students don\’t need to make huge amount of money like working class citizens. They basically need money that may just be enough for them. Well, we understand that human needs are insatiable though.

As a student, you need a skill that will be less stressful, yet allows you to make cool money for yourself. The following skills are examples of these types of skills:  So to make money online as a student, do any of the following:

  1. Start a YouTube channel
  2. Create a blog about your course of study
  3. Become an affiliate marketer
  4. Learn how to design graphics
  5. Learn UX and UI development
  6. Learn how to design a website
  7. Learn copywriting
  8. Learn how to create contents
  9. Learn how to create animation videos
  10. Write a book and sell on Amazon or other platforms
  11. Create a Facebook page and grow it
  12. Social media influencing
  13. Social media marketing

#1. Start a YouTube channel

Money is everywhere. It is constantly circulating, moving from one pockets to another. Those who create value and solve societal problems attract and keep the ever circulating money.

As a student, you can attract money into your bank account by creating a YouTube channel. YouTube channel is a medium you can use to create and share valuable video contents.

If you can create valuable videos, a lot of people would watch them. This will lead some of them to subscribe to your channel. Consistent creation of valuable contents will exponentially increase your views.

Eventually, you will monetize the channel using Google AdSense. In addition, you can do direct adverts for products and services in your niche.

Successful YouTubers make between $2000 to $50,000 monthly.

As a student, you can grow your channel to a point where you will start making at least $2000 monthly through Google AdSense alone.

So, do make easy money online as a student, create a YouTube channel and be consistent in posting valuable contents.

Note: you need to create the contents, not copying people\’s contents. You will be required to admire to Google policy equally.

Get started here 

#2. Create a blog about your course of study

Blogging is another great way students can make money online. There are different types of blogs.

Blogs are classified based on types of contents published in it. Blogs that publish health related articles are called health blogs.

Education blogs create articles on schools, admissions, scholarships, study loan etc.

We equally have general and niche blogs.

General blogs don\’t focus on a particular subject matter. Such blogs can post finance articles, health articles and educational articles in one blog.

Niche blogs, on the other hand, focus on a particular subject matter, say health articles.

As a student, you can create a niche blog where you will be writing about your course and posting in your blog.

You can actually blog on anything you are good at. Something that you can consistently create contents on.

When you start getting enough traffic, you can then monetize it using Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts etc.

To create a blog, you need to buy a unique domain name and a good hosting plan. As a student, shared hosting by Namecheap will be a good way to begin.

To create a blog, get started here.

3. Become an affiliate marketer

As a student, you need skills that wouldn\’t affect your academic performance. One of such skills is affiliate marketing. You can be an affiliate marketer as a student without being affected by it in your academic.

In a simplest definition, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing whereby someone links a lead (potential client) to a product or service to get a commission after a successful closure of the deal.

In a modern affiliate marketing done online, players choose their preferred products or services, get a promotional link and put it up in a web page. When the web page visitors link on the affiliate link and make a purchase, the affiliate marketer get a commission in percentage of the sold product or service.

As a student, you can easily do this. Just look for a product or service that you can easily promote online, apply to be their affiliate marketer, upon approval get your affiliate link and start promoting.

We recommend that your get a landing page for the sole purpose of promoting your affiliate products.

If you\’re blogging as students, you can always include your affiliate link in your blog posts.

4. Learn how to design graphics

Graphic designing is a skill you can learn and start making money online using it. Good graphics designers make close to $5000 monthly.

If you\’re a good graphics designer, you can sell your skill on freelance platforms like fiverr, Upwork among others.

5. Learn UX and UI development

Though relatively difficult to learn, but users experience and users interface designers make mad money.

As a student, you can learn UX and UI designing and get gigs online. After graduation, you may even continue with UX/UI designing as it pays well.

6. Learn how to design a website

We are in information era. As a student, you can rely on information you get online for virtually everything, ranging from news, scholarly articles, among others. This article you\’re reading is accessible online. 

Websites are important in this information era. They host these information for anyone to access them from anywhere around the world.

This could be the reason there is a high demand for website developers. Every company and some individuals would want their information, services and products online; so that it can be accessible all globally.

As a student, you can learn website development and offer it as a service in freelance platforms. This way, you will make easy money online.

7. Learn copywriting

Are you good with convincing people to take actions? Being persuasive is an act that can be monetized.

When you write a persuasive essay that can make people to take an intended action, you are said to be a copywriter.

Copywriting is a profession that pays well, especially those who are good with written words.

As a student, you can learn how to write sales copies for products and brands and get paid doing so.

In LinkedIn, you can see several clients needing great copywriters. They hire even students who are copywriters.

As a young copywriter, otherwise called newbie, you can make between $1000 to $4000 monthly.

8. Learn how to create valuable contents

Contents creation is a booming industry that anyone can be part of. The beauty of the industry is that it is not location dependent or restricted.

You can be anywhere and great great contents that can be consumed globally.

There are thousands and one Students who are contents creators and they make good amount out of it.

You can be video content creator, sales copies creators, blog articles creator among others.

As a content creator, you can desired to get a platform and be posting your contents for engagement. Popular platforms where you can do this include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. If you\’re contents are good and engaging, you will get direct adverts request from businesses and individuals.

You can equally monetize it using third-party advertising such Google AdSense, ezoic, mgid, AdPush, Mediavine among.

Alternatively, you can be creating and selling your contents to people in similar industry. There are platforms where you can easily selling original, unique and valuable contents.

writers\’Gig is a platform where you can easily sell or buy written contents. Fiverr, and Upwork are other platforms where you can equally sell your Contents.

If you\’re really good, then you can create your own platform and be selling your contents there. To do this successfully, you will need to run adverts to the platform.

9. Learn how to create animation videos

People prefer videos to written words. Videos make message clearer. This could be the reason advertiser are embracing  animated videos for the marketing and advertisement.

An increase in demand affects price positively for sellers and creators. As a student who creates animated videos, because the demand for animated videos is high and increasing daily, the cost of doing is equally increasing. This makes animated videos creators to earn decent amount of money through their skill.

Consequently, you can earn a good some of money online as a student if you\’re a good animated videos creator.

Learn the skill today if you don\’t know how to create animations. If you do but not that good, polish your skill.

10. Write a book and sell on Amazon or other platforms

Are you a great writer? Then you can put a good piece together into a book on a subject matter that you know very well and sell it on platforms like Amazon.

As a student, you can do this. Writing is an act and somehow a talent. If you\’re gift in the act of writing, then write a book today and start selling it online.

11. Create a Facebook page and grow it

We are in a social media age. We were in print media age few years ago. Now, anyone can control part of the media.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media out there. It allows people to create pages and monetize it.

To grow a Facebook page, you need to be creating and be posting valuable contents related to your page niche. The posting has to be regular.

A highly followed Facebook page can be monetized through several ways. One of the ways is by allowing Facebook to place adverts on your Contents.

As a content creator, you can equally get direct advertisement from businesses and individuals.

12. Social media influencing

As a student, you can use social media to make people behave in a certain way, in accordance with your posts, belief system, views and recommendations. This is social media influencing.

Social media influencing is related with social media marketing in the sense that through influencing, you can market products and services to your followers and audience.

If you are a known social media influencer, businesses and individuals would approach you for you to advertise their products and services in your social media accounts.

That way, you will make a good amount of money.

13. Social media marketing

As a student, you can make money online through social media marketing. This entails promoting, and selling or products and services to your social media followers.

To go an extra mile for more profit, you can use ads to increase your reach.


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