How to concentrate while studying

Studying to understand requires that we concentrate. Without concentration, we may not comprehend much of what we are studying.

This article will teach you how to concentrate while studying.

Concentrating while studying is very important especially if you are studying for an exam, interview or just to acquire knowledge. It will enable you to understand what you are studying.

We need you to note one thing, studying is different from reading. They are related but not the same. You can study someone dancing with hopes of learning it. You can study things that you cannot read. In all, you need to concentrate to understand whatever you are studying.

The following are what you need to be doing as you study to enable you concentrate fully:

  1. Take away anything that can be a source of distraction
  2. Study inside a library or create a similar place at home
  3. Go to your reading place with few books and reading materials
  4. Develop a studying plan
  5. Take notes as you study

1. Take away anything that can be a source of distraction

You cannot concentrate while studying if you are being distracted. Without concentration, you may not comprehend much.

Sources of distraction while studying include the following:

  1. Social media including Facebook, tiktok, twitter, Instagram etc)
  2. Loud musics
  3. Friends (in your reading space discussing)
  4. Reading near densely populated areas like markets, churches, mosques, club houses etc.
  5. Reading in the presence of your sex partner.

To concentrate, we encourage you to do away with all the above listed sources of distraction.

Note that we didn\’t include phones or personal computers as a source of distraction. They can actually be sources of distraction while studying as it is in them you have social media.

So, you should be disciplined enough not to use the social media in them while using them as your study aid.

If you don\’t trust yourself, then consider deleting every social media app on your phone or PC.

With your phones and PCs, you can simplify your study but do not be carried away while browsing.

Be highly disciplined while studying with the aid of the internet.

2. Study inside a library or create a similar place at home

This recommendation is for those who are studying written materials. Libraries are specially designed for readers. They are usually sited in a serene environment.

Where it is not possible to site it in a noiseless environment, they are built with noise proof materials. This makes it impossible for sounds from outside to filter into the library.

Studying inside a library therefore will allow you to concentrate fully.

From experience, reading inside a library may make you drowsy for the first 30 minutes. This is not a universal truth; but if this happens to you, then consider taking coffee before going to study.

We understand that not everyone has access to the library. To such persons, create your own library in your house.

Get a reading room or a reading space, and make it have features of a library.

In the reading room or space, have a reading table, chair, and light. Make the place free from pests, insects, and other creeping creatures. Do not eat in this space.

Let it be only books and other studying materials that should be allowed here. If possible, maintain a temperature of 22 to 25ºC in your reading room.

3. Go to your reading place with few books and reading materials

If you are studying and want to concentrate, then you must plan it.

At each point in time, note what you want to read. Do not just pick any material and read.

Do not also go to your reading place with all your reading material. Let me explain this clearly; if you have 5 materials to study and you can only finish 2 in a day, it is better to go with just the two instead of going with 3 or more.

This way, you will be focused. It will even be preferable for you to just go to your reading place with just the material. This will be dependent on three things:

  1. The volume of the material
  2. The distance of your house to your reading place
  3. How easy or difficult to understand the material

If the volume of what you have to read is so big that you will even find it difficult to finish, then just go with one material.

If the volume is small, then go with an additional material.

If the material is easy to comprehend, go with more than one material. If it\’s difficult to understand, then go with just one.

If your house is very far from your reading place, then go with as many materials as possible. But then, note your reading plan and stick to it.

Read the only materials you have set out to read and do it serially (in accordance with your plan).

4. Develop a studying plan

Having a study plan will enhance your studying culture. It will equally enable you to concentrate as you study.

Your studying plan should have:

  • Time to study
  • Where to study (your reading or studying place)
  • What to study and how long to study

Set a studying time for yourself. This will enable you to develop a studying habit. Over time, it will make you see studying as a routine duty.

Apart from having study time, have a studying area. In your studying area, let nothing else happen there.

Make the area highly conductive for studying. A conducive studying environment should be well lit, free from insects, pests and other creeping creatures. Food and drinks shouldn\’t be brought into it.

While planning your day, take note of what you will study that day. This should be dependent on your studying needs.

For instance, if you are studying for an exam, you should study materials for the exam only.

5. Take notes as you study

You are not studying to finish. No, you are rather studying to understand.

You can read novels and story books but for the pleasure of them. In this case, you are allowed to read them to finish. Goal here is \”read to finish\”.

Once you\’re reading or studying to understand, then you should concentrate. One way to do this is to take notes as you study.

It is expected that you understand as you read or study. Yes, most persons do. But then, only few remember what they studied after.

Taking notes in your own language make it easy for you to revise what you studied with ease. It also makes you to concentrate while studying.

We therefore encourage you to take notes as your study.

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