Students visa requirements for Australia

Studying abroad means a lot to different persons, some intend to study abroad to broaden their perspective, some is to gain quality education, some is to enhance their research on the project they are working on, some is to build a global network of friends and connections, and some is generally for the love of a particular school abroad.

However, when people think of the processes involved in studying abroad, they either quit or seek for another country which do not require many obstacles yet might not be what they truly want.

Generally, acquiring a Visa to study abroad involves long rigorous procedure with the Covid 19 pandemic becoming an additional hurdle and each country having their different processes in applying for a student Visa.

Particularly, studying in Australia is an exciting opportunity but before a person who is not resident in Australia can study there, there are important things he or she must consider.

Though, it may not have a totally different requirement but their are specific things required of a person who want to study in Australia and before he or she start the process of obtaining a student Visa, he or she must consider these few things:

Requirements to study in Australia

1. English Proficiency

English language is most times required of people who wants to study in Australia, this may vary from other countries but it is a basic requirement for Australia Student Visa because learning and teaching in Australia is done in English language.

2. Academic Records

Arranging complete university documents would involve academic records which may also vary depending on the course or program you’re applying for.

That is, if the program is a college degree programs, then there should be an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or its equivalent.

If the course is for a post graduate program, then your academic record should be a certificate on higher education undergraduate courses, which should certainly be some specific subjects that is necessary for that particular course.

3. Choose the Right Course

It is important before you choose to apply for a Visa to study abroad that you have carefully chosen the right course to study. Choosing the right course basically involves specific subjects passed during your undergraduate or secondary education level depending on what program you’re going for.

The right course should also be what you’re interested in and what can help shape your career in future.

4. Choose the Right School

Before applying for a Visa, you must have gotten the right school to suit your course. While searching, you can consult experts to receive guidance on choosing the school, the course, how the program run and even the location to know how good it is for your study.

5. Complete Documents

The onus of getting a complete document is placed on you who wants to study abroad. It is essential that before starting the process, you already have the complete document to avoid delay or denial. In submission of documents, you may need to provide your passport, English Proficiency test result, Confirmation of Enrollment letter(CoE), Statement of Purpose(SOP), Genuine Temporary Entrant details, a copy of the college, course citizenship documents and academic record.

6. Visa Fees

There would certainly be no visa without visa Fees but beyond visa Fees, you should be financially stable enough to provide for all your needs throughout your stay in Australia.

Processing Visa vary from person to person depending on the times of application which is usually available on the Department of Home Affairs website. Although, Student Visa Fees in Australia are over AUD$650 per Visa application.

After making sure that proper research has been done before applying for the Visa, Here are the requirements for Student Visa in Australia:

Students Visa Requirements for Australia

  1. Letter of Offer
  2. Evidence of Financial Capacity for 12 months
  3. English Proficiency Test Scores.
  4. Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) Proof
  5. Confirmation of Enrollment(CoE) letter
  6. Overseas student Health Cover(OSHC)/ Insurance
  7. Proof of stay and return airfare

1. Letter of Offer

When applying to study abroad, an offer letter is sent which you are required to either accept or decline. The letter usually contains the details of the course, the acceptance fee and enrollment conditions.

After reading the letter, you can choose not to accept it if the terms are not favourable but if you choose to accept you can as well know your rights and refund arrangements so you can get a refund if you don’t start or finish the course.

A copy of the letter of offer is usually necessary to get an Australia Student Visa. It is also advisable to have one at your disposal.

2. Proof of Sufficient Funds

A proof that you’re capable of fending for yourself throughout your stay is necessary to have an Australia Student Visa.

You should be able to proof that you have enough money to keep you financially stable. In proving this, your bank statements, proof of parent’s annual income, evidence of grant or scholarship must be provided.

The minimum required amount to have can be gotten from the Head of Department of Home Affairs.

3. Proof of English Proficiency

The best way to proof that you are a proficient English language speaker is to show the certificate results from an approved English language test.

This is a necessary requirement because in Australia unlike other countries, courses are taught in English. Also, the test to be taken is one that can satisfy the requirement of the Australian government that you meet the minimum level of proficiency because this requirement varies according to the given course.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs provides for each requirement for English language proficiency.

4. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement

This requirement is to ensure that your stay in Australia is genuinely to study and nothing else and that your stay in Australia is only temporal as long as the Visa permits.

In providing this evidence, there would be a need to explain the importance of the course to your career and your relationship with your families and friends.

If you have something you will have to return to like a job, then that too should be included.

5. Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

This particular documents certify your enrollment for a course. It is issued by your education provider.

It is usually sent after acceptance of offer and the fees required has been paid. The reason for this requirement is to ensure that you are registered for the course you are about to study.

6. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

This is an important requirement to getting a Visa in Australia. A student about to study in Australia should have bought a health insurance that will cover throughout his or her stay.

As an international student, this will ensure that while in Australia, you can pay for your medications, hospital care and ambulance for emergencies. While the OSHC document is required to get a Visa to Australia, the OSHC card can be used for appointments with doctor while staying in Australia.

7. Proof of stay and return airfare

You will be required to provide proof of stay and return airfare before your visa application will be accepted.

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