Businesses you can do as a student

As a student, you may desire to start a business of your own while in school, to probably support your sponsor. This is not bad, especially if it will not affect your academic performance.

There are different ways to make money, this is true for all: students, graduates, the uneducated, skilled and unskilled workers etc.

These ways include working for others (corporate bodies, government, individuals etc), working for oneself, selling, provision of services etc.

As a student who desires to make money through business, this article will guide you into the best business, suitable for students, you can do for a maximal profit.

Before we start enlisting the businesses students can do, we need to state clearly that your business choice will be dependent on several factors as will be discussed. So, all the businesses that we will list may not be suitable for all students.

On your own, we will encourage you to do a need based research before picking a particular business to set up. Just use of list of suggested businesses as a guide.

While doing your research, look around your school campus and its environs, check for problems students often encounter and see if you can provide a solution to at least one of them.

Virtually every profitable business solves one problem or another.

Now, the following are businesses students can do successfully without being affected academically:

1. Tutorial for students in lower classes

If you\’re a brilliant student and need what to do to make extra money for yourself while in school, consider tutoring your fellow students, especially those in lower classes.

Students who conduct tutorial classes for students make cool money. The beauty of this business is that it wouldn\’t affect you much as you determine your tutorial timetable.

If you\’re tutoring students in the same class with you, then you will even gain more, as tutoring them will make you understand what you\’re teaching them better.

2. Assignments and class works assistance

There are different types of students in every school. We have the hardworking students, we equally have lazy ones. Some students are in-between hardworking and lazy. Similarly, we have intelligent, average, above average, and dull students.

Most often, lazy and dull students find it difficult doing their class works and assignments. Consequently, some of them pay people to help them do these.

If you are a hardworking student, you can do your course mates or classmates assignments and charge them for it.

We didn\’t include if you\’re an intelligent student. No. You just need to be hardworking to start this business. You, however, need to learn how to do basic research to succeed in this type of business.

To increase your reach and get more clients, you may need to create a website and run periodic ads showcasing the service you\’re offering.

3. Cyber cafe business

Before we talk about this business, we need to state clearly that this business may not thrive on every campus, especially in developed countries.

A basic cyber cafe is a business that helps people type, print, photocopy, laminate, and scan their works.

A more complex cyber cafe allows people to browse at a charge. They render other internet related services to their clients also.

As a student, you can open a basic cyber cafe business on the campus. Because this type of business may be time consuming to run, you may need to employ someone to manage it for you.

You will be doing more of a supervisory visit to monitor the business.

3. Blogging

Students can blog while in school. Blogging is a business, a very lucrative one at that.

As a student, you can create a blog and treat it as a business.

Some persons see blogging as a hobby. For this type of persons, their blogs are usually not monetized, even when they are, they don\’t make a enough money for their owners.

As a student who wants to do business in school, you may need to create a blog and treat it as a business.

You may wish to blog about things related to your course of study. This way, you will use one stone to kill two birds, as you will equally be learning as you create blog posts.

In fact, you can always publish your jotted notes as your blog posts and then refer your course mates to read them. If you are good in taking notes, they may become reliant on your blog for their revisions.

When your blog starts getting enough visitors cum readers, you can now monetize it using any means you deem fit.

Available means of blogs monetisation include third party ads placement (e.g. Google AdSense), direct ads placement from companies and individuals, posting of sponsored posts, selling on your blog, etc.

4. Photography and videography

In business, scale differs. As a student, you can do a photography and videography business on a small scale basis.

During my undergraduate degree program, I had a student friend who was a photographer. He was sponsoring himself in school through that.

He was only working on Saturdays and Sundays. On few occasions, especially during matriculation and graduation ceremonies, you would see him work on workdays.

He graduated with his set. He had a 2.2, upper division – a gentle man\’s grade if you ask me.

As a student who wants to do a business while in school, you may consider photography and videography business, in a small scale.

It will help you pay some bills while in school. Truly, it would not affect your academic performance, especially if you\’re a great planner.

5. Content writing

As a student, you should know how to put your ideas into writing such that anyone can read and understand it.

Writing shouldn\’t be left for professional writers. Even those we call professional writers became so through consistency in writing, which didn\’t happen without them producing badly written pieces, especially in their early stages of writing.

If you need to make some money as a student, creating contents should be a business you need to consider engaging in. Writing is a huge industry that every student should get a share of.

As a student who wishes to write contents for money, you can easily get clients from freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Writer\’s Gig, among others.

6. Graphics designing

Graphics designing is one of the simplest skill anyone can learn. Tools for learn and practicing it is basic: a laptop.

Students can learn graphics designing and make it a business. Any legitimate thing that give money is business or work.

Designing graphics is a good business Students can easily combine with their studies, to make some money for themselves.

7. Birthday party planning

We wouldn\’t want to put event planning. It is a complex business that we wouldn\’t want students to engage while still in school.

Birthday party planning, however, is something students can engage in while in school without it affecting them negatively.

Students love to celebrate birthdays, if you start planning birthday parties for fellow students for a token, you can make cool money doing so.

The beauty of this kind of business is that you have the right to accept or reject a gig, depending comfortability and suitability.

8. Cake making

Baking of cake is a good business Students can engage in. Their is usually a high demand for cakes by students.

In a very populous school, at least one student celebrates birthday every single day. Imagine if you\’re the one baking the cake that about 10% of the students in your school is using for their birthdays. That will be a booming business for you.

Cake making is a good business Students should consider doing while in school. It is a type of business that does take too much time to do.

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