Free Online Bible Courses with Certificates

Are you a Christian looking to grow your spiritual life?

Are you looking for free online Bible Courses with Certificate? Then, this article is for you.

We will be providing you with all the information you will need about ongoing free online Bible courses with Certificates.

These courses can be taken at the convenient of your home and upon completion, certificates will be given to you.

To enroll in a these free online Bible courses, you will have to create an account so as to have access to free videos and lectures. As soon as your account creation is successful, you can then proceed to selecting your desired program.

Why take a Free Online Bible Course that issues Certificate?

There are many benefits of taking a Free Online Bible Course. The benefits are many that we can\’t mention all of them here. Some of the benefits are:

  1. For spiritual growth
  2. To draw nearer to God
  3. To build a fervent prayer life
  4. To have a strong relationship with God
  5. To become a better version of yourself
  6. To gain more bible knowledge
  7. To have a better knowledge of the word of God
  8. To understand the Bible better

9 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificates

We have meticulously prepared a list of 9 best online Bible courses you can study and receive Certifications at the end of the program.

These courses are easy to access online and are not time consuming too. Here is a list of 9 free online Bible courses with certificates you can enroll in:

1. Christian Leaders Institute’s Course

This is one of the best free online Bibles courses. Being offered by The Christian Leaders Institute, which is also an accredited institute, it is not surprising that it is rated as one of the best.

Taking these courses does not require making physical appearance at the institute as lectures are taken online and at the student\’s convenient location.

It is tuition free and usually receives donations from individuals, Christian leaders, organizations and Churches. 

The course is a great one as those who have completed the course become more vibrant and active in the work of God. It is an ideal course for diligent Christians and ministers. On completion of your course, a certificate will be issued to you. To enrol, you will first have to open an account with Christian Leaders Institute.

2. Courses at World Bible School

The World Bible School Offers a wide range of mouth watering online courses and short classes that make studying the Bible fun.

These online courses are entirely free and certificates are given on completion. The institution offers both masters and supplementary courses.

Some of the masters courses one can study in World Bible School are: God has spoken, the good news, baptism, the way of faith, the life of love and many others.

These courses are very essential for people looking to gain more knowledge in Christianity and they can all be studied at no cost.

3. Bold Christian University Course

Bold Christian University (BCU) offers three different degree programs on evangelism, namely:

  • Bachelor of Christian Evangelism
  • Master of Christian Evangelism
  • Doctor of Christian Evangelism

These courses are entirely free and certificates are obtained on completion. Bold Christian University is in the service of helping people who desire to make more impact in the Christianity to achieve their dreams.

To register for courses in this university, you will have to download the course outline, register on the school\’s website and proceed to complete all the requirements needed.

4. Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy

This is one of the best religion expository course one can attend. The course is more religion based than Christian based.

Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy is highly recommended for people who need a better understanding of religion and are eager to widen their knowledge on it.

It is estimated that this course takes a minimum of 5 hours a week and 4 weeks in total to complete. A certificate is also given on completion at a cost of $99.

Some lessons under Harvard\’s Course on Religious Literacy are: Religions cultural settings , religions’ strengths and barrier, religions heterogeneity and development of religion. 

5. Courses at Dallas Theological Seminary’s 

Dallas Theological Seminary offers free online courses that help Christians have a better understanding of the scriptures.

These courses have also helped a good number of Christians grow in their spiritual work with Christ and in their teaching skills.

The most interesting thing about these courses is that they are free.

Dallas Theological Seminary offer the following courses:

  • James
  • Daniel
  • Understanding God’s Covenants
  • Acts
  • Hebrews
  • Jonah and Ruth
  • The Life of Christ
  • The Story of the Scriptures
  • The Gospel of John
  • Revelation
  • Luther
  • Romans
  • How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor
  • Genesis
  • Can You Trust the Bible?

To gain access to the above mentioned courses, you first have to create an account, choose a program and proceed to watching or listening to lectures.

These courses however take several weeks to complete and it is important you do not miss any.

6. International Seminary for Distance Education’s courses

International Seminary for Distance Education is a renowned institute, commonly known for it\’s rich and comprehensive courses.

These courses can be studied for free and certificates are given upon completion. The Certificates however require the sum of $20 dollars to obtain. The school offers the following bachelor programs:

  • Bachelor of Biblical Religious Education
  • Bachelor of Bible Theology
  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry

Free tools like free e-books and free Bible atlas are also provided by the institution to help in the study of the bible.

7. Trinity International Theological Seminary

Trinity International Theological Seminary is a great institution which provides 13 free online Bible courses for people who are willing to uncover secret things about the bible.

The courses are not only for Christians but for all Bible scholars. Some of these courses are: Salvation, knowing more about God, the second coming of Christ, Sin from another perspective and the Holy spirit.

Certificates of completion are given to students who have completed the courses.  To get each certificate, students are required to pay $20.

8  Free Online Courses at Lambchow’s Hope Bible Study 

Lambchow’s Hope Bible Study offers a number of free online courses to those who desire to grow their spiritual life. Some of these courses are: 

  • Jesus Says – A 30 Day Devotional
  • The Basics – A Readable Review of Christian Faith
  • Forgiveness Bible Study
  • Ongoing three-times-a-week devotional study
  • Read through the Bible in One Year via email

To gain access to these courses, you will have to download the course outline, register on the school\’s website and proceed to complete all the requirements needed.


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