Credit score requirement to graduate high school in Texas

As a student beginning high school or already halfway through high school in Texas, I’m sure you have in mind a countdown to your graduation from high school. 

Texas is a large state, and as such, its educational system is broken down into regional districts. 

Generally, students attend high schools in the same districts in which they stay. 

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) identifies the several districts by their boundaries and includes enrollment and contact information.

As a student, you’re wondering how many credits are required to graduate high school. 

Or if you have in mind to study at a high school in Texas and require information on Texas credits requirements for graduation we have you covered in this article! 

We would look at Texas’s high school credit requirements for graduation and the required subjects. 

Texas high school graduation requirements 

Before the 2014-2015 academic year, students who entered 9th grade had three different graduate programs to choose from that satisfied the prior course requirements for earning a Texas high school certificate. 

These three programs included the 

  • Minimum High School Program. 
  • Recommended High School Program.
  • Achievement High School Program. 

These high school graduate programs requires students to take courses in the following subjects:

  • English language arts.
  • Science.
  • Social studies.
  • Speech.
  • Foreign language.
  • Physical education.
  • Speech.
  • Economics. 
  • Fine Arts.
  • Mathematics.

The amount of credits per subject varies according to the program type.

But from 2014-2015, Texas has only one high school graduation program which is the Foundation program. 

Additionally, Electives are also included in the Texas graduation requirements. 

Credits Requirement to Graduate in Texas

It’s important to know how many credits you need to graduate from high school in Texas. 

The foundation program is currently the only graduate program in Texas and requires 22 credits in total to graduate.

This includes:

  • Four credits in English.
  • Three credits in math.
  • Three in science.
  • Three in social studies.
  • Two credits in a foreign language other than English or in computer science.
  • One credit in fine arts.
  • One in physical education.
  • 5 credits in electives. 
  • A demonstrated proficiency in speech.

Required courses include:

  • English: English I, II, and III and an advanced course. 
  • Maths: Algebra I, Geometry, and an advanced course.
  • Science: Biology, a laboratory-based science course, and an advanced course.
  • Fine arts.
  • Physical Education.
  • Social Studies: U. S. History and Government, World History or World Geography and Economics. 
  • Two credits in a foreign language (other than English). 
  • Five credits in electives. 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in speech.

Students may also obtain endorsements in various subjects including areas such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). 

Other endorsements available are in industry and business, public service, multidisciplinary studies, or arts and humanities. 

By finishing the course requirements for the endorsement, additional four credits are added towards their graduation requirement which makes it 26 credits in total.

They must advise the school in writing upon entering 9th grade to notify them of the endorsement they will be seeking. 

There is also a distinguished level of achievement that can be obtained by completing an endorsement curriculum and completing four credits in math, including Algebra II, and four credits in science.


So far we have discussed about the graduate requirements for high school in Texas. 

Initially Texas high school had three graduation programs such as Minimum high school program, Recommended high school program and the Achievement high school program which each had their different credits requirements. 

But currently, the Foundation program is the required graduate program in Texas and requires 22 credits to graduate in required courses like English, Maths etc.

As a student studying or about to study in a Texas high school, knowing about the credits required for graduation from high school is very important. 

This will enable you study harder. 

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