10 Best Cities to live in the US

The best cities in the US are judged by a number of metrics. What makes the cities a great place to visit is also what makes them a great place to live in.

A number of factors are responsible for making a city better when compared with another city.  Factors such as security, good weather, world-top museums, quality restaurants, standard of living, per capita income and the mixed people found there.

Resonance, a consultancy group, well known in real estate, tourism and economic development considered these factors with data from users from social media, before making a ranking of the best cities in US.

Since the pandemic of COVID 19 and the trend of remote work, it is good to know that some data had been revealing how remote works are affecting cities.

A small city like Provo is seeing huge influx of residents and tourists because of its cultural hubs and wide open spaces that are rarely found in megacities.

According to Resonance, they have been a shift in demands since COVID. Some of the cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Ogden, Charleston, Milwaukee and SC are much in demands.

But demands are still high for popular cities rich in entrepreneurship and entertainment, not even the pandemic could delist them. Cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

Metrics used to judge a city as best to live 

It is important to know the metrics or parameters used by Resonance to make such observations. If not, it might be considered subjective and without weight, to come up with such a list detailing the best cities in US.

What makes a city a better city than the other in the first place? The parameters they worked with are as follow:

Resonance looked at cities with at least 500, 000 people and people and above, got the feedbacks of residents and visitors, checked the mean household incomes, and up to 25 areas. The metrics were summed up like this:

  1. Place
  2. People
  3. Programming
  4. Product
  5. Prosperity
  6. Promotion

1. Places

They looked at the frequency of good weather condition, the safeness of living there, the magnificent landscape and sight seeing places.

2. People

They looked at how educated the city is, how much foreigners live there and have been able to settle down. Does it have diversity and inclusivity?

3. Programming

This metric considered the entertainment aspect, what are the performing arts? What is the culture of the location like?

4. Products

For products, what does the city show for? Rather, what infrastructure and social amenities does the city have? Are there connected airports with many direct destinations there? Are there world class universities? Top museums, major league sports, etc?

5. Prosperity

If there are global corporate headquarters located there. What is the median household income? What is the unemployment rate? Is there income equality?

6. Promotion

How popular is the city online? The hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter concerning the cities.

Ranking Of US Cities


1. New York City

This city ranks best in product and programming. It has the best infrastructures and social amenities.

It has top museums like Met and Louis Armstrong House Museum. It has airports that are highly connected and vastly destined to direct location.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California ranks best in restaurants and second in promotions.

It has rich food and culture. Examples of the restaurants there are La cha cha cha, Alma, La Plaza Cocina, etc. These set a standard on dinning experience.

The 2022 super bowl gave alot of people reasons to visit the SoFi Stadium in the city. This is to say that Hollywood isn’t the only tourism interest in LA.

3. San Francisco, California

It ranks second in household income and people. It has a highly educated population of people as it houses many of the best universities in the world.

Examples of those universities: Stanford University, UC Berkeley. It’s a prosperous city.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is rated for its connectivity and night life. The noteworthy restaurant there are Venteux, Bazaar meat and Bar Mar.

They are a lot of free summer festivals returning to the city. Visiting Millennium Park, one of the outstanding outdoor spaces would do you good.

5. Washington DC

This city ranks first in google searches and second in educational attainment. It has free museums and explorable neighbourhoods. There are also new developments going on. An example is the wharf.

6. San Diego, California

It is famous for its parks, currently has the best parks but ranks sixth in attractions. It also ranks best in places metrics.

It has a world famous zoo, named after it (San Diego Zoo). There are miles of beaches also in San Diego.

7. Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas will look more and more better in the nearest future considering the huge amount of money being invested in the city.

Elon Musk’s tunnel loop project is on going there. It ranks best in weather and attractions. Yearly, lots of creative crowds are drawn to Las Vegas.

8. San Diego, California

This city houses innovative giants such as Google, Facebook, eBay and PayPal. Silicon Valley is located here.

It ranks first for people and household income but lower for product and programming. There are places to visit in San Diego. For example the History  Park.

9. Boston, Massachusetts

It ranks first in universities and fourth in educational attainment. It houses the best universities in the world such as Harvard and MIT.

It has a ton of 75 higher institutions of learning. It has historically land marks such as Freedom Trail, US constitution and the King’s Chapel which draw tourists yearly.

It is an old city but it is getting upgraded with more housing and world class hotels.

10. Miami, Florida 

It ranks first in foreign born population, that is, it absorbs diversity, and also ranks second in Instagram hash tags.

In history, it had majorly been the meeting centre for the Americas which accounted for its diversity. For the first time, Miami is rated among the top ten.


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