Student life in Marseille: all you need to know

Leaving your home to another place for studies can be quite stressful, dreadful, and full of uncertainties. I\’m sure you can agree to that. 

A lot would be on your mind like the way of life as a student, accommodation, cost of living, etc.

Still, you would agree with me that it is also fun and exciting for you to discover new places and experience something new right? 

There are several great destinations when it comes to studying abroad, one of such destinations is Marseille in France. 

Marseille or Mars for short is one of the most important cities in France and a top destination for international students all over the world. 

If you aspire to study in Marseille then I\’m sure you would like to know what it\’s like to live and study in Marseille as a student, the cost of living, accommodation, etc. 

This article would answer in detail every pressing question you have regarding student life in Marseille. 

Is Marseille good for students? 

Marseille is the second largest city in France. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the top spots for students around the world. 

Marseille has 12 universities that offer 132 study programs, both undergraduate and graduate programs are available. 

Most popular disciplines in Marseille include

  • Law. 
  • Engineering. 
  • Arts. 
  • Mathematics. 
  • Political Science.
  • Economics. 
  • Medicine. 
  • Business. 
  • Technology etc. 

Marseille accommodates students every year and because of that, it is a great city, fun, full of life, and a great environment rich in culture and diversity. 

As a student there, you will study as you ought to and also have the time to enjoy the city and have great experiences. 

Aside from studying which is your primary aim, it is also great for you to explore and make interesting discoveries. 

Marseille offers you the opportunity for both study and leisure. 

There are several areas where you can relax and have the fun you would want. 

The Puerto Viejo area is a lively place that you can visit for a while for relaxation. This place is great for leisure, you can find a large amount of clubs and bars there. Plus, the place is usually frequented by several students and tourists. You are sure to find a great number of people there at any time. 

La Plaine, in Place Jean Jaures is also another great place for leisure. 

Living in Marseille can benefit you a lot in both your academic and social life. A lot of cultures coexist which allows you to learn from them. You can even learn a new language, so amazing! 

Marseille has a great climate throughout the year so several events such as art festivals or music are organized. 

The city is also great for tourism and is one of the top destinations for tourists in France. 

Cost of living in Marseille as a student. 

Marseille is a lovely and beautiful city with lots of tourist attractions. Plus, it is the second largest city in France and at such cost of living might be on a high side there. 

But interestingly, living in Marseille is not so expensive when compared to other cities in France.

The cost of living for a student in Marseille is around $1130 per month or slightly more than that. This is taking into account the cost of food, rent, transportation, and some other activities. 

Although, the cost of living in Marseille as a student is quite similar to living in other French cities. 

The cost of living for a student in Marseille can be broken down into 

  • Rent: $1000, $800, $600.
  • Food: $45, $35, $30.
  • Phone: $50, $80.
  • Internet: $35, $25, $20.
  • Etc. 

You should bear in mind that the cost of living in Marseille is greatly dependent on where you live. 

Moreover, as a student in Marseille, you can ask about discounts for transportation especially when you plan on using it daily.Such offers are available for you, it will also enable you save some money.


Location is very important for students when looking for accommodation. You will need houses not too far from schools to save on the cost of transportation. 

As a student in Marseille, there are many available student houses despite the high number of requests by students. 

Rents are not so expensive, but the type of accommodation and its location influences the price greatly. 

You have the option of 

  • a room in a student residence which is around $500 to $600 per month or more. 
  • a room in a shared flat for around $300 to $400 per month or more. Shared flats are in great need by students since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more relaxed and spacious student accommodation in Marseille. 

Moreover, the vibrant and coolest areas to live and relax in Marseille city are Castellane, Perier, Prefecture, and Cours Julien. All the relaxation zones, shops, boutiques, bars, and restaurants are located there. 

What is student life like in Marseille? 


Student life in Marseille is generally very educational and fun. 

Marseille welcomes a great number of students every year, hence it is full of great fun and interesting discoveries. 

Marseille offers so many opportunities for students for learning and leisure. 


From the article so far we have discovered that Marseille is a great destination for studies. 

With about 12 universities located there which offers 132 study programs including law, medicine, business etc, Marseille is a top notch for education. 

We got to know that Marseille is good for students, the cost of living as a student in Marseille, accommodation, and what student life is like in Marseille. 

Also, as a student you can study adequately in Marseille as you ought to and still have all the fun you would like to have. 

Marseille is a great place for you to consider as a destination for studies. It is student friendly, fun, educational and accommodating.

With a great climate condition, diverse rich cultures, amazing tourist attractions etc, you are sure to have the best experience there! 

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