Top 8 Gunsmithing schools in California

If you’re ready to take your love of weapons to the next level and become a gunsmith, you’ll need to find the right gunsmithing schools in California. 

There are plenty of gunsmithing schools in California where you can learn the ins and outs of firearm maintenance, design and production

Whether you’re looking to get your certificate or earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, there are plenty of options from which to choose, so you can develop the knowledge and skills you need to start gunsmithing for your local police department or even open up your own business! 

Why Gunsmithing in California

  1. California offers great gunsmithing programs that can prepare you for a rewarding career.
  2. Gunsmiths are in demand in California due to the high number of firearms sales in the state.
  3. Great gunsmithing schools are located in places where you can enjoy yourself when you’re not studying.
  4. Gunsmithing programs typically have small class sizes so personalized attention is available.
  5. Many of these programs provide employment assistance to their graduates so finding your first job won’t be difficult!
  6. Gunsmith classes in California teach you how to repair, modify, customize, and preserve firearms.
  7. Training as a gunsmith in California gives you lots of options for a future career.

Gunsmithing schools in California: Top 8

If you want to make big bucks as a gunsmith, California is one of the best states to study in. 

Here are our top eight schools in California that can have you loading and firing in no time!

1. California Firearms Academy

California Firearms Academy is one of the most reputable gunsmithing schools in California. The school has been educating students on how to become expert gunsmiths. 

The curriculum and training provided by the school are designed to help students learn how to perform a variety of firearm maintenance tasks, including welding, machining, and more.

The California Firearms Academy is a licensed firearms dealer offering services such as repairing and overhauling firearms, as well as customizing them for specific uses. 

Students can also take advantage of the school’s Gunsmithing 101 course which covers all aspects of operating a firearms business from start to finish.

2. The Gunsmithing Institute of California

The Gunsmithing Institute of California is one of the best Gunsmithing schools in California. The school is run by a well-known and experienced instructor who has been in this industry for a long time. 

He is also one of the most trusted experts in the field of gunsmithing and has taught many students from all over the world how to become good gunsmiths.

The school offers an affordable course that will enable you to learn about the different types of guns, how they work and how to fix them. 

Students can take classes in different areas such as how to maintain firearms, repair them or even build them from scratch. They can also learn about different types of ammunition and what goes into making it.

The institute also offers courses on other topics such as working with airguns, pistols, rifles, and shotguns as well as teaching students how to shoot safely at a range or in competition settings.

Students are required to have some basic knowledge about guns before they can enroll in classes at this institute. 

This includes knowing what makes up a firearm as well as how it works under various circumstances so that they will be able to fix any issues that may arise during their training period.

3. California Tactical Academy

The California Tactical Academy is a gunsmith school that provides students with a variety of courses to choose from. 

Whether you want to learn how to build an AR-15 or become a certified armorer, the academy has something for everyone.

4. American Gunsmithing Institute

The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) is a world-renowned trade school that teaches students the fundamentals of gun care, maintenance, customization, design, and manufacture. 

The AGI offers two levels of training: Basic Handgun Repair and Advanced Handgun Repair. The Basic course covers everything from how to inspect a firearm to various types of ammunition malfunctions. 

And the Advanced course goes into greater depth on all subjects covered in the Basic class as well as disassembly techniques for most major handgun models. 

In addition to firearms skills, AGI also offers courses on basic machine operations and safety procedures. 

6. Lassen Community College

Founded in 1945, Lassen Community College is a 2-year public school that offers students several certificate programs, including one on gunsmithing. 

The program allows students to explore the field with hands-on experience by repairing and refinishing guns, as well as assembling new ones. 

Students will learn about the history of firearms and acquire skills such as welding, metal cutting, and drilling. 

This program provides a great introduction for those interested in a career as an armorer or weapons specialist.

7. Pacific Crest Firearms 

Pacific Crest Firearms is one of the best gunsmithing schools in California. With a wide variety of courses, including AR-15 building, 1911 building, Glock armorer course, as well as classes for beginners like Basic Armorer Course and Advanced Armorer Course. 

It’s a great place to start your career or simply improve your knowledge of guns you already own.

8. Sky’s The Limit Academy, Inc. 

Sky’s The Limit Academy, Inc. is a firearms training school that specializes in law enforcement, military, and civilian classes. 

They have been teaching the responsible use of firearms for over 25 years. Courses are taught by experienced instructors who will teach you to handle firearms safely as well as how to shoot with accuracy from various positions.

8. West Coast Armory Training Institute

Finally on the top 8 Gunsmithing schools in California is the West Coast Armory Training Institute.

At West Coast Armory Training Institute, you’ll learn how to load and fire a weapon from the experts. 

They offer both-day courses as well as longer 10-week classes where you’ll have the opportunity to master basic skills before advancing to more advanced topics. 

If you’re looking for a gunsmithing school that will get you on the right track quickly, West Coast Armory is your answer.

Gunsmithing schools in California: FAQS

Question: Can you be a gunsmith in California?

Answer: Yes, but to be a gunsmith in California, you must receive formal training and go through the proper licensing channels.

Question: Do gunsmiths make money?

Answer: Gunsmiths are responsible for designing, fabricating, installing, inspecting, testing, and maintaining firearms. With a gunsmithing degree, you can make between $15,000 to $50,000 per year.

Question: Is there a demand for gunsmiths?

Answer: According to, the demand for qualified gunsmiths is expected to remain stable in the coming years. According to the Department of Labor, maintenance and repair jobs, including gunsmith positions, are expected to grow gradually.

Question: Is a gunsmith a good career?

Answer: Yes, being a gunsmith is a good career. It provides an income and the chance to own your own business. However, you must be very careful in choosing your career path.

Gunsmithing schools in California: Conclusion

Gunsmithing schools are a great way to learn the trade. Whether you are looking for a career or just want to try it out, we have compiled the top 8 gunsmithing schools that will have you shooting for the stars.

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