Top 7 career options for people with degrees in biology

Biology degrees don\’t have to be reserved for teachers and doctors. There are many lucrative and rewarding career options for people with a degree in biology.

Biology is the study of life and living things and therefore, it can be considered one of the broadest courses.

There have been lots of questions regarding the different career options for people with a degree in biology, and in today\’s post, we are going to show you all the information and details of careers you can pursue with your biology degree.

5 Types of Biology Careers

Biology is broken down into branches, and fields. Each subset of biology offers a variety of career options. Here are 5 types of  biology careers: 

  1. Marine Engineering
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Medicine
  4. Zoology
  5. Bioengineering 

NOTE: There are also other types of biology careers.

Top 7 Career Options For People With a Degree in Biology

 Biology is a wide-ranging field that can lead to many different career options. There are many interesting careers in biology that you can pursue even with an undergraduate degree. 

You might just find the right job for you with a bachelor\’s degree in biology! Below are the top 7 career options for people with a degree in biology. 

1. Medical Scientist

Median Salary: $91,510

The first on our list of career options for people with a degree in biology is Medical science. Research is conducted by medical scientists to improve the health of patients. As a medical scientist, you are saddled with the job of conducting experiments to discover the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases. 

This you do by collecting data and identifying potential medicines and treatments. Many medical scientists specialize in cancer research, toxicology, and pathology.

According to checkasalary the salary of a medical scientist is between $26,000 to $91,510

2. Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist

Median salary: $66,350

Being a Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist is another career option you should consider with your biology degree. As a zoologist or wildlife biologist, your role is to study and protect wildlife in their natural habitats. 

These are primary fieldwork jobs that require you to monitor their movements and identify changes in their population. They also restore and improve wildlife habitats. You can earn more than $66,000 annually.

3. Epidemiologist

Median salary: $74,560

With a degree in biology, you can find a good career in being an Epidemiologist. As an Epidemiologist, your job is to identify and study the occurrences of injuries and diseases. 

This involves finding out the pattern and the causes of different diseases. You identify the risk in order to develop prevention and treatment plans for them.

As an Epidemiologist, you can work in Laboratories and agencies such as public and government-owned. You can earn up to $74,000 yearly as an Epidemiologist.

4. Research Scientist

Median salary: $16,062 – $75,000

The fourth on our list of career options for people with a degree in biology is Research Scientist. A Research Scientist is faced with the responsibility of carrying out experiments and research that has to do with Life Science such as Microbiology, Oncology, Pharmacology, Plant Sciences, Physiology, Stem Cell research e.t.c. 

As a research scientist, you also write and publish articles based on your data and findings.  As a research scientist, you can work in Clinical Research Organizations, Cosmetic Companies National and Global Health-Related Companies, Hospitals, Scientific and Technical Consultancies, Universities e.t.c. Median Salary ranges from $16,062 – $75,000. 

5. Microbiologist

Median salary: $32,000 – $108,000

With a Biology degree, you can work as a Microbiologist. A Microbiologist helps to solve problems affecting our environment, climate, food, health, and agriculture.

 They try to find solutions that will help in the diagnosis,  prevention, and control of infections and diseases as well as maintaining that our food is safe. A microbiologist can work in pharmaceutical firms, biotechnological firms, the educational sector, hospitals, agricultural firms, e.t.c

As a microbiologist, you can earn up to 100,000 dollars depending on your qualifications and experiences.

6. Nature Conservation Officer

Median salary: $60,000 

The sixth on our list of career options for people with a degree in biology is Nature Conservation Officer. With your biology degree, you can become a nature conservation officer. Your job is usually to protect, manage and enhance the environment.  This includes coastal areas, mountains, rivers, grasslands, and woodland. 

The main aim of being a Nature Conservationist is to encourage people and promote the awareness of the importance of understanding the natural and physical environment. You also have to help in educating people around your vicinity on different environmental issues. Working as a Nature Conservation Officer, you will also have to educate young people through talks and seminars.

This job can come in as a hobby {that is protecting your environment} that you can earn from. 

 As a Nature Conservation Officer, you can work with environmental agencies, wildlife companies, conservation volunteers,e.t.c. You can make up to or more than $60,000 depending on your abilities and qualifications.

6. Marine Biologist

Median salary: $40,000

Finally on our list of career options for people with a degree in biology is being a Marine Biologist. As a Marine Biologist, your main work is to study organisms and ecosystems in the oceans and their environment, these ecosystems include marine animals, marine plant and other organisms that are found in the water bodies.  

Your job is to understand and predict changes in the marine ecosystem affected by human and natural disturbances.  As a marine biologist, you can work in charity organizations, academic research fields, laboratory organizations, Consulting firms or policy-making firms.

Depending on the Firm you work in, there are many responsibilities such as creating journals, researching, analyzing data, communicating, and liaising with different people. You will also write Grant proposals and different business development.

Marine Biologist can earn up to $120,00 depending on their capabilities, qualifications, and experiences.

Careers Options For People With a Degree in Biology: Conclusion

To conclude, there are great and lots of career options for people with a degree in biology. 

You can decide to work in organizations, laboratories, or the corporate world. These jobs and career opportunities listed above can be a great start for your long-term career pursuit.

 All You Need Is to work hard and dedicate yourself to the right training and experiences. Feel free to drop your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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