Summer Somtochukwu Okibe

Summer Somtochukwu Okibe is a Nigerian by birth. She was born in Enugu state, a southern state of Nigeria.

She lives in Canada where she is currently doing her master’s program in law.

Summer is popular on twitter, a microblogging social networking site, where she shares with her followers easy and best ways to get scholarships and admissions abroad.

Through the platform, she has helped a number of persons secure scholarships and admissions in different countries.

She is particularly known to be assisting people in coming up with winning Statements of Purposes (SOPs). She usually edit people’s SOPs to meet standards required of them.

She prefers to call her teeming and enthusiastic followers Ebuka.

Ebuka is an Igbo name for male folks majorly.

Consequently, some persons call her Mama Ebuka. She doesn’t frown at this.

Summer Okibe’s early life

Summer was born in Enugu state Nigeria. She was named Somtochukwu by her parents at birth.

During baptism, she was given Summer. Obviously, her surname is Okibe.

She did her secondary education at Lady Ibiam Girls Secondary School, Enugu, Nigeria.

After her secondary school, Summer proceed to Anambra State University for her tertiary education in 2012 where she studied law.

In 2017, she obtained LL.B. (Hons)- Bachelor of Laws, second class upper division.

In Nigerian parlance, we would say that “she sabi book”. Yes, she is actually intelligent.

In the same year, she got admitted into Nigerian Law school where she equally came out with second class honours the following year (2018).

After some volunteering and job experiences, she got admission into the University of Victoria, Canada for her master’s in law program.

Job and volunteering Experiences

After Summer was done with her first degree and law school programs, she engaged herself with a lot of activities.

She did some jobs and volunteered herself for some selfless community services.

Amongst these are the following:

  1. Peniel Touch Foundation (Sep 2018 – Oct 2018): here, Summer prepared articles in relation to the following: rape, sexual molestation, child abuse and drug abuse. She was equally giving legal advice and counseling to the foundation’s clients. She spent 2 months with these foundation before leaving for a law firm for training.
  2. Ajogwu (SAN) & Co (October 2019): Summer was basically a graduate legal trainee here. She spent a month with this law firm before leaving for Abuja where she volunteered to teach in a primary school.
  3. Smart Kids Zone (May 2019 – Jul 2019): Smart Kids Zone is a school in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria. Summer volunteered here for 3 months where she thought the pupils of the school entrepreneurship education.
  4. FCT Center for Children with Special Needs (July 2019 – September 2019): Summer was a part-time teacher of this School. Here, she taught children with special needs how to read and understand English language She equally helped them in perfecting their writing skills. In addition, she helped them to detect objects and environments using pictures and videos.


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