Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree 

Having a degree is great and there are great job opportunities for people with degrees. But if you don’t have a degree and you desire a basic low-stress job that pays well, then read on for such jobs do exist.

Many people feel that to be offered an employment, one needs to possess a degree. This is not entirely true. 

Having no degree is not a barrier to getting a low-stress job that pays very well. 

Without a degree, low-stress employment that pays well can be found and they do exist.

Here in this article, we have highlighted several low-stress jobs that you can do without having a degree. The jobs are:

  1. Massage Therapists
  2. Travel Consultants
  3. Plumber
  4. Delivery Man
  5. Fine artists
  6. Security guard
  7. Cook
  8. Painter
  9. Roofer
  10. Farmworker
  11. Floral designer
  12. Housekeeper
  13. Welder
  14. Hairstylist
  15. Gunsmith


1. Massage Therapists

A massage therapist is a health practitioner who helps clients manage stress and pain through touch. 

They gently operate muscle tissues to relieve tension, ease pain and promote relaxation using many types of massage, such as deep tissue, sports, trigger point, etc.

You will require broad knowledge, as well as the ability to develop the skills and techniques needed to perform the job effectively. 

They work in chiropractors’ offices and spas, while others own clinics or travel to their client’s homes. 

It is an amazing job that pays well but requires no degree. 

The average annual earnings of massage therapists are $75,000.


2. Travel Consultants

Without a degree, you can become a travel agent and earn an ample annual salary.  

As a travel agent, you will achieve a good living while functioning in a less stressful environment. 

A travel agent must have strong communication abilities and basic computer expertise.

A travel agent’s duties include:

  • Selling package tours to clients.
  • Planning and selling transportation and lodging. Etc. 

Average annual pay for travel consultants: $46,650.


3. Plumber

This is one of the low-stress careers that pay well without having a degree. 

All you need to do is register for an apprenticeship for one or two years at a city college or technical institute to acquire the basic skills. 

A plumber’s duties include:

  • Constructing and connecting pipes and fixtures.
  • Repairing clogged toilets and sinks. Etc. 

Annual pay average of plumbers: $56,330. 


4. Delivery Man 

A delivery driver’s work is quite simple and fun. It requires just going about in your car or on your bike and delivering things or food.

You do not need experience or a four years degree to apply for this position.

Still, you will undergo training for a few days before starting full-time.

Average annual pay of delivery men: $34,340. 


5. Fine artists

Being a fine artist, which includes painters, sculptors, and illustrators, is one of the low-stress jobs that pay well without having to have a degree certificate.

Plus, it is also a fun job creating unique artwork. 

Fine artists create original artwork using different methods and techniques.

The main annual wage for fine artists is $63,030 with the highest earners receiving more than $112,970 per year ($54.31).


6. Security guard

Being a security guard is a low-stress job you can do without having a degree. 

A security guard is a trained person  responsible for

  • Ensuring people and facilities’ safety.
  • They issue guest and employee passes 
  • They operate metal detectors. Etc. 

Security guards often work at schools, hospitals, and government buildings such as courthouses.

National average salary of security guards: $35,924 annually. 


7. Cook

A cook is a culinary expert who prepares food for clients and guests. 

Cooking is a great job that requires no degree and is low-stress, plus it is fun and exciting. 

They chop, cut, slice, and peel ingredients and prepare meals according to the menus and the customer’s choices. 

Although it requires no degree one still needs to have the training to learn the cuisine of different regions. 

Cooks usually work in restaurants, however, hotels, schools, medical facilities, nursing homes, and other institutions also employ them.

Average salary of cooks: $45,776 annually

8. Painter

A painter is a professional who applies paint on surfaces. 

Painting is a fun job that requires no degree with low stress and pays well. Although, one needs to learn the basic skills required to be a painter. 

Painters may work in residential or commercial settings.

They apply paints to interior surfaces such as floors, walls, and furniture. They also paint exteriors such as patios, decks, and sidings. 

Some painters work for construction companies or large institutions, such as hospitals and universities, and others own their painting businesses.

Average salary of painters: $60,344 annually. 

9. Roofer

A roofer is a construction professional who specializes in repairing, installing, and maintaining the roofs of homes and industries. 

They apply many types of roofing materials, like asphalt, wood, and metal. 

They also Inspect roofs for damage, repair holes and broken shingles, use weather-resistant materials, etc.  

Being a roofer is a great job that requires no degree and pays well. 

Average salary of roofers: $55,590 annually. 


10. Farmworker

A farmworker, also known as an agricultural worker, helps farmers perform routine tasks. 

They help care for livestock or assist with planting and harvesting of crops. 

They also inspect and maintain farm equipment, clean working areas, etc.  

They often work seasonally during the spring and fall, generally the busiest time for farmers.

Average salary: $38,530 annually. 


11. Floral designer

A floral designer is responsible for arranging flowers into bouquets and displays. 

They make use of real or silk flowers to make corsages, wreaths, centerpieces, and arrangements for gifts and special events. 

They sometimes make use of their expertise or knowledge to make designs or they design according to their client’s preferences. 

It is a lovely and fun job that requires no degree, plus it is low-stress and pays well. 

Average salary of floral designers: $38,639 annually. 


12. Housekeeper

A housekeeper is a person who cleans residences and commercial structures. 

Housekeepers organize spaces, clean and sanitize floors and surfaces, dispose of trash and wash clothes. 

Housekeepers can work in homes, and offices or work in the hospitality industries like hotels and restaurants. 

Average salary of house keepers: $43,340 annually. 

13. Welder

A welder is an expert who joins metal parts together using a specialized tool called a welding torch that generates extreme heat. 

They inspect materials before welding them, maintain appropriate heat levels throughout the process, etc. 

They work on structures like bridges, buildings, pipelines, cars, and ships. 

Average salary of welders: $48,003 annually. 

14. Hairstylist 

A hairstylist is a cosmetology expert who provides hair salon duties to customers. 

They perform services like washing, blow drying, perming, and styling their clients’ hair. They also perform waxing or nail care. 

They also give recommendations on how to maintain the hair and the right products to use for hair maintenance. 

It requires training to master the art effectively but a degree is not needed and it is a low-stress job. 

Average salary of hairstylists: $59,839 annually. 


Having a low-stress job that pays well without having a degree is very possible. 

We have emphasized several low-stress jobs available for you without requiring a degree. However, they do require training to master the skills. 

You should check these out! 

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