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Think of a public university that has consistently been on the radar and has always been ranked among the top 300 universities in the World, then point at James Cook University.

James Cook University is not only a world class university but the second oldest university in North Queensland, Australia.

It is leading in the tropics of Australia, achieved QS 5 star ranking and has a deep global edge for its students.

James Cook University campuses

The university has seven campuses which are embedded in two countries: Australia and Singapore.

In Australia, the campuses’ locations are in:

  • Thursday Island
  • Townsville
  • Cairns
  • Brisbane
  • Mackay and
  • Mount Isa.

The Brisbane Campus is operated by Russo Higher Education. The main campuses are located in Cairns and Townsville.

James Cook University’s Courses

Altogether, there are 14 disciplines being taken all over the various campuses of Australia. There are:

  1. Vertinary and Animal Science
  2. Teaching and Education
  3. Tourism
  4. Sports and Exercise Science
  5. Society and Culture
  6. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  7. Planning, Development and the Environment
  8. Pathways and Preparation
  9. Nursing and Midwifery
  10. Medicine and Dentistry
  11. Marine Science
  12. Business, Law and Finance
  13. Biomedical Science
  14. Allied Health and Pharmacy

JCU’s school calendar is trimester-based. The portal for admission is opened three times a year.

It offers full time and part time undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Year of the establishment. 1961.
Location Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Mount Isa, Mackay,
Motto Crescent Luce (Light ever-increasing).
Website https://www.jcu.edu.au/.
Status Public institution.
Campus Regional and Suburban.

Australia’s North Queensland is home to James Cook University, of the best public institution in the area. James Cook University is an educational and academic college and the second-oldest institution in Queensland.

The primary sites of the James Cook University are situated in the tropical regions of Cairns and Townsville, as well as another in Singapore, a city-state. Additionally, Mount Isa, Mackay, Thursday Island, and Rockhampton each have study centers run by JCU.

Foreign and indigenous students can take bachelor’s and doctoral programs at the Russo Advanced Education-operated Brisbane campus(James Cook University).

James Cook University’s primary disciplines include:

  •  science, biology
  • Algebra
  •  Meteorology
  • Agronomic and animal science
  • Technology
  • Health and surgical sciences.

A Brief History and Origin of James Cook University

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland, Professor John Douglas Story, suggested in 1957 that a provincial university campus be founded to serve the residents of North Queensland. During that period, Brisbane, the state capital, was home to all of the colleges and universities. The University College of Townsville was inaugurated on February 27, 1961.

The University College of Townsville became the James Cook University of North Queensland following getting declared law by the Queensland Parliament. On April 20, 1970, Queen Elizabeth II performed the university’s formal inauguration.

Queen Elizabeth II, The Duke of Edinburgh, and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visited Queensland whilst on a trip to Australia in 1970.

The British ship Britannia sailed at Newstead Wharf at Caloundra on Sunday, April 12, kicking off the Queensland tour.

The British Monarchy visited Brisbane, Longreach, and Mount Isa before moving on to Mackay. The imperial entourage took a relaxed voyage to Townsville, arriving there four days since leaving Mackay.

During the morning of April 20, they were greeted by Mrs. W.W. Shepherd, Chairman of the Townsville Harbour Board, and Mr. T. Aikens, M.L.A., Deputy Mayor of Townsville. The Townsville sports reserve saw a cavalcade of activity to kick off the day’s schedule.

The monarchy was escorted to the James Cook University, Townsville college in Queensland after eating lunch aboard the Britannia. HRH Queen Elizabeth II formally awarded sovereignty to the proposed school facility in North Queensland in the attendance of several guests.

The Eddie Koiku Mabo Library’s Special Archives at James Cook University in Townsville displayed 50 collections pieces as part of the Gems art show, which was held in 2020 to commemorate the institution’s 50th anniversary.

Admission requirements for James Cook University

For Under graduates

To be admitted into James Cook University, you will need to have

  1. Satisfactorily  finished six months of comprehensive education at an accredited higher education school
  2. achieved a required overall GPA of 4.9 out of 7.0, or required minimum grades of roughly 65 to 70 percent,
  3. After graduating from high school, you might be willing to enroll, but you’ll need to submit your high school diploma (or equivalent). These requests will each be evaluated individually.


  1. To be admitted into James Cook University, a  bachelor’s degree or its similar counterpart from an accredited higher education establishment should have been completely earned by you. If there are any extra entrance criteria, refer back to their Study Abroad Guide
  2. Approximately one lecture session can be studied overseas by postgraduate students who are interested in the Study Abroad Programme.

What courses does James Cook University offer?

James Cook University offers both undergraduate and graduates course.

Undergraduate Field of Study

  • Medical Care and Pharmacy
  • Medical Studies, Bi
  • Legal, and Commerce
  • Aquatic Science
  • Orthodontics and nutrition
  • Midwifery and nursing
  • Routes and Planning
  • Environment, Planning, and Development
  • Math, Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Culture and Society
  • Science of Sport and Exercise
  • Education and Teaching
  • Tourism
  • Animal and Veterinary Science.

Post Graduates Field of study

If you’re a graduate looking for a university that offers good diploma services, James Cook University’s campus in Singapore provides you with a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate academic opportunities.

  • Business
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • information technology
  •  education,

are just a few of the topics covered in these programs.

At James Cook University in Australia, you will receive the exact certificate that is widely recognized around the world as your Australian counterparts.

Graduates from James Cook University are equipped with the credentials and abilities necessary for employment on a worldwide scale. These degree programs have a strong emphasis on developing students’ analytical reasoning, problem-solving, professional interaction, and communication technology abilities.

Additionally, James Cook University equips all of its graduates with the abilities and information necessary to pass that crucial examination.

Why is James Cook University so famous? 

Many people keep asking about the popularity of James Cook University.  It is important to know that James Cook University’s popularity came as a result of its achievements.

Let us take a look at some of these.

  1. Since 2010, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, James Cook University has maintained a position among the leading 400 universities (ARWU).
  2. James Cook University in Singapore made history in 2015 when the Singaporean government awarded it the EduTrust Star quality designation, making it the country’s first corporate educational establishment to do so.
  3. The Centre for World University Rankings placed James Cook University first globally for marine and freshwater biology in 2017 and second globally for biodiversity conservation (CWUR).
  4. James Cook University research was assessed world-class or higher in 83 percent of the disciplines of research reviewed in the Commonwealth Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia 2018 National Report, rising from 78 percent in 2015. It featured the largest achievable ranking, which is much higher than the global average, in 8 research fields and the global average in 30 more research fields.
  5. In 2022, James Cook University was placed 29th, In the Times Higher Education (THE) Best Young Universities in the World rankings, for institutions of higher learning that are 50 years of seniority or under,
  6. The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings placed James Cook University among the best 300 research institutions worldwide in 2022.
  7. The 2022 Good Universities Guide gave James Cook University five stars,  for full jobs, bachelor and doctoral beginning salaries, student involvement, and environmental fairness.


James Cook University has distinguished herself from her other counterparts. The University portrays a hallmark of focus and a high-integrated institutional system. Undergraduates, as well as post Graduates, are thus advised to study at Jame Cook University, as it is one of the best in business.

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