How to cite a blog post

Blogs are powerful platforms to get different types of information. There are top blogs in virtually all areas of study and life with authoritative articles.

You may have needs to cite blogs as they have become the modern day go-to place for relevant and up to date information, data and resources.

We will be presenting different styles you can use to cite a blog post.

Before we outline different ways to cite blog posts, note that we have three different ways blogs publish their articles.

  1. Blogs that publish articles with author’s name included
  2. Blogs that publish articles anonymously (without the author’s name included)
  3. Blog that publish articles using their organisational name

The way to cite a blog article is therefore dependent on the three point noted above. The following are ways to cite blogs posts:

1. APA style

Last name, Initial. (Year, Month Date). Title of Blog Post [Blog post]. Retrieved from URL

See an example of APA style below:

Ozioko, J. (2022, May). How to cite a blog post [Blog post]. Retrieved from

2. Chicago style

First name Last name, \”Title of Blog Post,\” Blog Name (blog), Publisher/Sponsor of Blog (if applicable), Month, Date, Year of post, URL

See an example of Chicago style below:

Jude Ozioko, \”How to cite a blog post,\” Scholars Pad (blog), May, 21, 2022,

3. Harvard style

Last name, Initial. (Year). Title of Blog Post. [Blog] Blog Name. Available at: URL [Accessed Date of access]

See an example of Harvard style below:

Ozioko, J. (2022). How to cite a blog post. [Blog] Scholars Pad. Available at: [Accessed May 21 2022]

4. MLA style

Last name, First name. \”Title of Blog Post.\” Web blog post. Blog Name. Publisher/Sponsor of Blog (if applicable), Date Month Year Published. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.

See an example of MLA style below:

Ozioko, Jude. \”How to cite a blog post.\” Web blog post. Scholars Pad. 22 May 2022. Web. 21 May 2022.


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