Best future tech jobs you need to get ready for


Every day, people from around the world keep looking for ways to improve their standard of living.

They do this by searching for opportunities that will be relevant even in the future. 

You will agree with me that the world is changing, even at a fast pace. Technology is driving this fast paced changing world.

For those in technology field, the best thing to do with regards to personal and professional development, is to go for courses and trainings that will guarantee you relevant jobs in the future. I would want to call these type of jobs \”the future tech jobs\”.

This post discusses the best future tech jobs out there.

What are the best Future Tech Jobs?

The following are the technology Jobs that will be in high demands in the future:

1. Data security officer

Jobs for data protection professionals (DPOs), otherwise called data security officers are increasingly in trend than before.

No wonder it is first on our list as the best tech future jobs. 

Credit should be given to the strict new EU data protection laws that are currently in effect.

This is because DPOs will be required for businesses that routinely oversee data persons on a global level. 

They will do the above by establishing that the business is conscious of and, more relevantly, in compliance with those data protection laws.

Additionally, since the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018, businesses are subject to stricter restrictions on how they can manage the data of individuals. This increases the need for a DPOs even more.

Data protection officers earn up to $120 million a year.

2. Blockchain developers 

A Blockchain developer is an expert in designing and executing blockchain-based systems and services.

This is a new technology that is changing the world in several positive aspects.

A lot of businesses and countries are adopting Blockchain technology.

There would certainly be a lot of need for blockchain specialists throughout businesses and regions as the global expenditure on blockchain services is anticipated to exceed 15.9 billion by 2023 and beyond.

To be ready even in the future as a blockchain engineer, you should possess

  • Excellent computer abilities
  • Full knowledge of Ripple, web3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin technologies
  • Network protocols knowledge 
  • Knowledge of crypto library resources, and features.

The job manual for blockchain engineers is also available online for download.

  • You will be profitable in gaining a thorough grasp of the reasons it is considered to be one of the best salaries careers as well as the best training paths, leading talents, and techniques to establish a prosperous professional life as a techie.

About $150,000 is the typical yearly salary for blockchain engineers.


3. Artificial intelligence developer 

The field of artificial intelligence (AI), which was first established as an academic discipline in 1956, has recently experienced a resurgence, thanks to fresh financing in this tech subsector.

The Kinect, a 3D body-motion interface introduced by Microsoft, has recently appeared as the newest technological marvel.

It makes sense that companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook would be eagerly following this, therefore they are searching for AI specialists and developing their AI technologies.

Those who possess the requisite professional expertise may profit from concentrating their competence in this subject because the new fad is solely moving in one area.

  • Being one of the best future tech jobs, an expert in this field is likely to profit 135 million dollars annually.


4. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect.

IoT solutions architects are one of the best future Tech Jobs and the highest-earning positions in modern technology. 

The function of the IoT solutions architect is management, and it involves managing the plan for creating and implementing IoT services.

You will need to possess good programming abilities, an awareness of computer vision, and expertise in electronics development and structure in conjunction with comprehending IoT solutions.

An IoT solutions architect is in charge of directing as well as taking the role in operations related to engineering and architecture. He/she would also assist in the creation of an overall IoT ecosystem, which is centered around the IoT Solution Framework, and converting commercial objectives to strategy architectural demands.

One can make an aggregate of over $130,000 each year as an Internet of Things solutions architect.


5. Data Scientist

Beyond a question, one of the best tech top future jobs spanning all industry segments is that of a data scientist.

Data scientists are thought to be the most valuable members of any IT team. Because of the enormous buzz encircling data scientists, many organizations now refer to data statisticians as data scientists. However, authentic data scientists need a much broader range of expertise.

The term \”data scientist\” may seem a touch of an understatement. However, Data scientists are in charge of positions that require expertise in several different knowledge sets. 

These includes:

  • Corporate presentation and direction
  • Analytical or mathematical thinking
  • Coding
  • Data research initiative.

Competition for data scientists has dramatically risen by 344 percent during 2013, and has continued to rise by about 29 percent annually.

To assist enterprises in making wiser and quicker selections, data scientists study and understand complicated data.

  • A data scientist can earn up to $150,000 annually, currently the best-paying employment position as of 2022.


6. Chief digital Director

The chief digital director position is not a fresh one, and numerous organizations have now hired individuals to fill these roles.

 However, many businesses are just now starting their adventures toward digitalization. 

Thus, the urge for such jobs won\’t go away at any moment eventually.

 One of the core responsibilities of a Chief Digital Director is to integrate digital concepts across the entire organization.

Theo Blackwell, the Mayor of London\’s Chief Digital Officer, stated that the new Chief Digital Officer position is a fantastic platform to promote our city even further accessible to development, boost employment and growth, and improve the efficiency of the governmental operations.

A chief Digital Director earns 140 million dollars annually.


7. Software engineers

The high demand for software engineers has made it one of the best future tech jobs out there.

Software Engineering is known as the process of creating, programming, verifying, and managing software. 

Almost every organization needs these tech professionals, and as innovation advances, their significance will keep increasing.

Software engineers use machines to build and operate software programs.

 Additionally, they are also in charge of creating the algorithms that direct a computer\’s operations.

Finding answers to issues, with regards to computer operations and applications, is among a software engineer\’s primary responsibilities. They frequently have to look creatively to come up with original solutions to challenging problems.

  • A software manager earns 130 million dollars annually.

8. Security expert in cyberspace

Technological techniques and ideas are used in cyber security to safeguard computer systems and electronic files. 


Cyberspace security entails creating and implementing procedures that reduce vulnerabilities and weaknesses of computer systems and electronic files. It covers scam mitigation, network management, data security, and safety evaluation.

Owing to the increase in cyber attacks, there is a large market for cyber security experts. The field of cyber security is significant and expanding. Cyber security Investments estimates that by 2024, the global spending on cyber security would reach $1 trillion.

A cyber space security expert earns up to 150 million annually.


Since they include well-paying professions that will remain in need throughout the coming two decades as larger businesses adopt modern software solutions, these tech vocations are excellent for long-term ventures 

Technology services will make it simpler to accomplish additional operations, interactions, and everyday jobs as technology develops.

People will keep spending the bulk of their energy on the internet. This will make businesses employ more technological specialists to develop their computer systems, create cutting-edge apps, or resolve any tech issues, increasing the necessity for these technological positions.

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