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Berlin Scholarship Program: Empowering Journalists in the Digital Field 2022 (Fully Funded)


Reporters Without Borders Germany offers journalists from war zones and crisis areas the opportunity to take a break in Berlin for four months and complete a training program in digital security.

The program is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

It aims to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills to protect themselves against digital threats such as surveillance or hacker attacks in their journalistic activities. In a second phase, with the support of the trainer team, the participants prepare their own training concept, through which they can pass on their newly acquired knowledge to colleagues in their home countries. In this way, journalists outside the scholarship program can also benefit from the digital security skills taught in the program.

Reporters Without Borders Germany is calling for applications for its Berlin Scholarship Program: Empowering Journalists in the Digital Field.

From March 1st, 2022 until November 30th, 2022, twelve journalists from war zones and crisis areas will be invited to Berlin for a period of four months each.

Please use the application form and questionnaire provided by us, you will find both below.

The deadline for applications is Monday, November 29th 2021 at 23:59 (Central European Time).

Who can apply?

Professional journalists, bloggers, media professionals and citizen journalists who

  • are exposed to digital threats due to their work in their home regions.
  • want to learn and work extensively with digital security in order to improve their personal security.
  • are interested in passing on the knowledge acquired during the scholarship program to colleagues in their home regions and, ideally, already have some experience in teaching or other areas of knowledge transfer.


Applicants must have a very strong command of the English language, as the whole scholarship program will be conducted entirely in English.

Applicants must have adequate experience working as a journalist, be it as a professional journalist or a citizen journalist.

A high level of proficiency in regards to digital security is not required; anyone who is used to working with a computer and smart phone can apply.

In addition, applicants must show that they are willing to return to their home region after the fellowship in Germany.

Previous teaching experience would be desirable.

How to apply

Please send a completed and signed application form, the completed questionnaire, your CV and a proof of identity (copy of your ID or your passport) as attachments in separate PDF documents (4 PDFs in total) via the Signal messenger service to +491636743853, or if you have a ProtonMail account to rsf.digitalfreedom[at] If you know how to use PGP, you can also send it as an encrypted email to digitalfreedom[at] (GnuPG/GPG-Key).

The application form and the questionnaire are fillable PDF files. Please fill in these files on a computer and send them to us in this form. Follow these instructions to ensure that we can read all your texts:

1. Save the two PDF files
2. Fill in the two files on your computer
3. Save the completed files again
4. Send the completed files to us

Please use the application form and questionnaire provided by us. We ask for your understanding that we can only contact applicants who are shortlisted for a spot on the program.

For more information, visit Reporters Without Borders Germany

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