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Anustat ointment is designed to cure piles permanently.

This means that anyone who uses it will not be needing periodic drugs for piles again after completing Anustat usage

Yes, with Anustat ointment, piles are cured permanently.

With Anustat ointment, surgery becomes a choice in piles treatment

Anustat ointment works by stopping pain, swelling, itching, blood in stool, and inflammation, as well as providing permanent relief from the discomforts caused by piles.

With its unique blend of natural ingredients, including Esculin, ANUSTAT works to soothe and calm irritation, while also strengthening and toning the tissues in the anus.

Not only is Anustat easy to use, it is also completely safe and natural.

Anyone using it can trust that they are using a product that is gentle on their skin and free from harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

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Frequently asked questions

Is piles is easy to treat?

Piles is difficult to treat especially if the treatment didn’t start early.

This is also true if wrong medications are being used.

What are available options for treating piles?

Piles can be treated with medications or by surgery.

Surgery is used if it is complicated.

Piles become complicated when its treatment was not started early enough or when wrong medications are used for its treatment.

Treating piles by surgery is very expensive. Some hospitals charge as high as one million na.ira for the surgery.

Another problem with treating piles using surgery, apart from the high cost of doing so, is that the chances that the piles will come back after surgery is there.

What are products for treating piles?

Products for curative treatment of piles include product that contain Esculin especially, and other ingredients that can target the symptoms and root causes of piles.

Sadly, most available products in the market today only tackle the symptoms but not the causes of piles.

Among the available products that cures piles permanently is Anustat Ointment – a product that contains 4 ingredients that work hand in hand to bring about permanent cure of piles.

The ingredients are hydrocortisone, neomycin, cinchocaine, and esculin.

Anustat ointment is a new product specially formulated to treat both internal and external piles.

Anustat ointment cures piles permanently

This is the major difference between it and several other products out there.

How does Anustat work?

Anustat will first of all shrink the swelling of piles, and stop the pain, itching and discomforts associated with it.

When this happens, seeing blood in the stool will also stop.

This is made possible by the help of hydrocortisone and cinchocaine in Anustat.

This phase of cure takes takes about 7 to 14 days to complete. That is 1 to 2 weeks.

The second thing Anustat does is that it kills all the bacterial that must have infected the Piles.

This is done by neomycin in the Anustat, a highly effective antibacterial agent.

Remember that piles occurs in the anus and anus is always in contact with feaces/stool which is loaded with bacteria.

So, it is very important that the bacteria are killed off.

When there is no more swelling, inflammation, pain and presence of bacteria, the next thing Anustat will do is to heal and repair damaged veins in the anus.

This is made possible by esculin that Anustat contains.

All these processes of curing piles permanently take between 6 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on the stage of the piles.

Internal piles takes about 8 weeks or more to heal completely

While external piles takes about 4 weeks or more to heal completely.

On average, 4 to 8 packs of Anustat should be able to do the magic.

On rare occasions is when more than 8 packs will be needed.

This often happens when the piles is old and complicated.

ANUSTAT ointment is approved by NAFDAC as they tested and confirmed that it an effective treatment for piles

If you want to stop treating the symptoms and deal with the root causes of piles from today onwards, then get Anustat Ointment.

Doing so, especially now, will prevent the piles from being complicated due to late treatment which will prevent option of surgery as the next available treatment option.

How to order Anustat ointment

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  • 2 packs: N16,500 
  • 3 packs: N21,500
  • 4 packs: N26,500
  • 5 packs N31,500 
  • 6 packs: N36,500 
  • 7 packs: N41,500
  • 8 packs: N46,500

Do I need both Anustat ointment and tablets to cure my Piles?

No. You don’t need both tablets and Anustat Ointment to treat the piles.

You only need Anustat ointment for the piles treatment.

Here is why:

Tablets is not the best way to treat piles

We know about some tablets used for piles treatment but they don’t offer permanent cure to it

Piles is a localised condition, so medications that are used locally is better.

That is is the reason Anustat is formulated as ointment

For internal piles, there is an applicator you can use to apply the ointment inside.

How to use Anustat

Anustat ointment is applied either internally or externally.

How to apply it will be dependent on the type of piles one has.

External piles

For  external piles, apply Anustat ointment on the piles using the finger.

Just get enough quantity and rob it on the piles.

Do this morning and night until the piles heals completely.

Any time you use the toilet, wash yourself with soap and water, then apply Anustat ointment.

Internal piles

If the piles is internal, then apply the Ointment inside.

You will insert an applicator inside the anus and gently press the Anustat tube to release the ointment inside.

Do this morning and night until the piles heals completely.

Anytime you use the toilet, apply Anustat ointment after cleaning and washing your anus.

Difference between internal and external piles

Internal piles

Internal piles are not seen with the eyes since they are inside the anus.

You only feel pain, itching, discomfort and bleeding from the anus.

If the piles become too much, then it can be coming out when one is using the toilet.

After using the toilet, you should wash your anus with soap and water, then push the piles inside.

After you must have successfully pushed them inside, apply Anustat ointment immediately.

Use the applicator

External piles

External are always visible as they are outside the anus

You cannot push them inside because they occur outside the anus.

In this case, you are to apply Anustat ointment using your finger

Do this morning and night.

Before applying Anustat ointment using your finger, please make sure you wash your hands properly with soap and water.

Do this morning and night for at least 2 weeks for both internal and external piles.

You should start seeing good result at day 3 of using Anustat Ointment.

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