9 Best School For Environmental Science in The UK

Environmental science is the study of environmental issues and the impact of human activities on the Natural World. This study examines aspects like global warming, pollution, deforestation, etc.

As a student who loves the environment and wishes to get the best education studying environmental Sciences, the UK will be one of the best places you should consider, and going there will be one of the best things to do for yourself.

The UK is one of the best places with the best universities worldwide.

Why You Should Study Environmental Science in The UK

Here are the many reasons why you should consider studying environmental science in the UK if you love the environment and everything about it;

  1. Universities in the United Kingdom are at the top of international rankings as they offer quality education and academic excellence.
  2. As a UK student, you have various scholarship opportunities and grants to support your studies from your school, private organizations, NGOs, or governmental institutions.
  3.  Studying in the UK allows you to mingle with diverse international students who have connections in one way or another.
  4. In u.k. many companies and organizations have job opportunities for graduates or even students currently in school.
  5. If you wish to study environmental science UK is one of the best places because you have various universities to choose from, and these universities have a good environment and facilities to give you the standard of education you desire.

6 Best School For Environmental Science in The UK

Here are the 6 best schools for environmental science in the UK:

#1. University of Oxford

The first on our list of the best school for environmental science in the UK is the University of Oxford. It is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom, where students can learn environmental Sciences and everything relating to it.

MSC in environmental change and management is a course offered by the University of Oxford under environmental Sciences, and it aims to give students a broad view of the processes of ecological change and the people involved in environmental management.

This course at Uni Oxford aims to produce environmental leaders who are analytical in their approach to environmental issues and competent and great decision makers.

The University of Oxford also offers scholarships and bursary funds for national and international students.

FEES: The Fees to attend the University of Oxford usually vary, and you can confirm on the University of Oxford fees web page.

#2. The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is located 60 miles north of London, with about 19,000 students and more, including international students. It can be considered one of the best environmental science universities in the UK because it offers varieties of courses that are English thought.

The courses include Energy Technology, Polar Studies, climate sustainable development, etc., and all of these courses focus on tackling the environmental issue and ensuring the environment’s sustainability.

They offer scholarship and grant opportunities for students, both national and international students.

In Cambridge, their undergraduate students are offered at least three years of housing in the school.

Aside from the variety of courses available, they also have more than 100 working libraries and about 140 centers and institutes for research.

#3. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the best schools for environmental science in the United Kingdom.

The environmental science department teaches students the craft of clean water supply, pollution control, public health protection, wastewater treatment, air pollution control, and Waste Management.

They have one of the best faculties, both full-time and visiting professors who are industrialists and have broad exposure. Similarly, apart from having the best lecturers and equipment, their environmental science course is accredited by their appropriate bodies.

#4. University College London

Another best school for Environmental Science is the University College London. At the University College London, the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomatic studies the environmental science course.

This department is a multidisciplinary department known for its excellence in research and teaching. It can be considered one of the best in teaching environmental science as the department is the home to world-leading research projects, groups, and centers.

#5. The University of Edinburgh 

Another best school for environmental science in the UK is the University of Edinburgh. The environmental science course in a study in the department of civil and Environmental Engineering.

This course teaches its students to design civil and Environmental Engineering systems that give needed services such as sanitation water and wastewater management.

According to a Research excellence framework exercise in 2014, the University of Edinburgh was ranked 1st in the UK for research power in engineering. This is part of a joint commission with Heriot-Watt University.

#6. University of East Angelia


The University of East Angelia is one of the best schools for environmental science in the UK. It is located in the city of Norwich, which is the home to bustling music and other social activities. It is an internationally renowned university that houses national and international students; it offers academic and social facilities of high quality.

At the University of East Anglia, students are taught how to come up and find their voice through Debate and the development of original ideas. Students can work as groups, enabling you to learn and mingle with each other. They also have suitable social activities that help to ease themselves from academic activities.

Requirements for Environmental Science in the UK

Studying environmental science in the UK has different requirements from different schools, but here are the baseline requirements for studying environmental science in the UK undergraduate; some universities may require a higher qualification;


  • A level
  • GCSE English grade 4 {C Minimum}
  • IB score: {36 including mathematics}


  • IELTS- 6.0
  •  IB score {36 including mathematics}


The requirement for master’s and postgraduate studies is different. Students are expected to have at least 2:2 Hons in environmental Sciences or any related field at an undergraduate level. Similarly, some schools might require IELTS.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How good is the United Kingdom for environmental science?

Answer: The United Kingdom is one of the best places you can think of to study environmental Sciences as they have the best facilities when it comes to research and having first-hand experiences.

Question 2: Is environmental science a good degree in the UK?

Answer: Yes, environmental science is a degree with many career prospects and opportunities.

Question 3: Environmental jobs in high demand?

Answer: Yes, sectors like environmental science, forestry, and renewable energy are growing fast and creating new jobs and opportunities- so the demand for workers to fill these roles is rising.


To conclude, there are many schools to study environmental science in the United Kingdom, but these are the top 6 best schools for environmental science- you can make your choices, check out the school website and decide on what is best for you.

Feel free to drop your comments or questions concerning things you are confused about, and we will be glad to help you out.

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